About me

I am a Python programmer mostly focused around web development in Django and Tornado. I've also worked on a couple of GUI projects in the past using PySide.

For frontend, I like React JS, plain js and, of course, jQuery.

I use Mercurial (hg) for personal projects and Git for open-source projects.

My interests also include data analytics and robotics.

I try to spend my free time drawing some stuff or trying to solve the Collatz Conjecture.

You can reach me via email - tell.bhch[at]gmail[dot]com. If you'd like to ask about something related to Python, Django or Tornado, or servers in general or something else, feel free to email me.


These are some of the open-source projects that I'm working on (maybe you'll find some of them useful):

  1. django-candy: A modern, single-page-app admin for Django (currently in pre-alpha).
  2. Dictionary Plus: A popup dictionary extension for Firefox.
  3. Open Translations: Open-source and verified translations for your apps, websites and software.
  4. django-quick-context: A django app for quickly setting global context variables on all templates.
  5. django-configen: Automatically generate server configuration files for Django.

About this site

This blog is built using Pelican. The theme is called beak, it's available for both hg and git.